Austrian Danube


Directly after Passau the danube makes his way through wooded hills.

In the Middle Ages the german Obernzell was famous for their melting potts

Tony the Skipper is enjoying the landscape.

A lot of small ferrys carry the local people and bicycle tourists

In front of the dam of Aschach we have no stream.

A short video from this part of the river. It is from another trip in 2009

On the distance of 30km you see only one bridge and the nature.

Only for inhabitants it is allowed to use this street by car.

To travel on this waterway is a dream .......

...... which stops abruptly. Behind this turn is the next lock called Aschach.

Tony feeds the swans in marina of MYC Kachlet..


Linz is the third by the greatest Cities in Austria. 2400 Years ago the celtics had a village called Lentos and also a defensive fortification on this place.

An relict of the art festival "Linz in Bewegung" which means "Linz moves". It is a joke to tell the tourist, this outboard engine is used for bringing back the bridge in the spring after the ice movement in the winter. :-))

Very often we have a thonderstorm in the evening.

Only for us they dig the navigation channel. :-)

One month after Hubert von Goisern, an famous austrian musican tours with this ponton as a floating stage down the Danube through eastern Europe.

Down the austrian Danube are a lot of old Churches an castles.

I can not remember the name of this village.

The Wachau is an famous austrian landscape

The river liners from A´ROSA Shipping you see every day. They makes terrible waves.

Richard the Lionheart was prisoned between 1192 - 1193 in castle Dürnstein.

Traffic lights controles the vessels on this bottleneck in Tiefenbach.

The wide of this lock is 24 m, but it is quite enough for this pushing unit.

Today the paddle-steamer "Wien" is fixed in Tulln as a floating restaurant. At 1985 it carried me and my canoe back from Vienna to Passau. You can find some pictures in menue "By canoe to Vienna".

The beginning of Vienna.

without words ;-))

The nepalese consulate have a reserved parking area in the marina Kuchelau.

A big canoe with paddleing beginners started on a training tour.

From Kahlenberg you have a good overview about Vienna. The church on the top remains for a coup against the Ottoman Empire in 1683.

The parliament of Vienna

Vienna is the Highlight of every Danube Cruise.

Leaving the town I see some floating summer houses.

See us next lock. :-)

The lock Freudenau ist the last for hundred of kilometers.

The Speedferry Wien-Bratislava

After passing this motor boats I had to organize the whole cabin because their waves was terrible.

Normal view between Vienna and Bratislava.

Stream about 10 km/h and boring landscape on this part of the river.

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