The german Danube down from km 2411

The Danube between Kelheim and Regensburg.

In Regensburg is ab festival called Dult

In Regensburg we enter a passenger ponton for staying. I watch the radio during tony and Keith visits the historical city

The Wallhalla, also an important historical monument is waiting.

We can not visit the Walhalla, because we found no ponton.

The traffic is very busy 

Deggendorf Beach

Marina Deggendorf. Friendly People but not very comfortable.


Navigation sign.

With a lot of stream we go through a wonderful landscape.


In the evening we are going to a small village to a Biergarten, where we can eat good bavarian food.

During the night we stay in the head bay of the lock Geisling. You have no marina with enough depht for us between Regensburg and Deggendorf.

Early in the morning we awake from some workers who make her job.

The lock sounds like the song of whales.

Bavaria looks beautyfull.

The Islands are a bird sanctuary.

Last Night in Germany we stay in the marina Heining near Passau. Behind next lock we arrive Passau and and the austrian border.

Sightseeing in Passau.

Next morning we cross Passau on the water.

Everytime you can see a couple of river liners visiting the historical Passau.

Veste Oberhaus

To the left flows the river Inn into the danube, to the right the smaller river Ilz.

Austrian border

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