The Main Danube Channel





One of our first locks.

With this floating bollards it`s very comfortable.

After this lock we are going all time down to the river.

The water in the lock is very powerfull.

The watershed between Rhin and Danube. Behind this point all water is going to the Black Sea.

In 2006 this was the greatest solar power plant of th world.

South of Beilngries the Channel is following the riverbed of the Altmühltal through an beautyfull landscape.

Enjoying the landscape.

this famous bridge you find in every puplication about the Channel.

At the last lock in the channel we had a longer rest because waiting for a big vessel. On this peaceful place we enjoy it.

The Altmühl flows into the channel

The Befreiungshalle near of Kelheim is an important historical monument of the german history.


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