Hungarian Danube


There is a lot of traffic down of the slowakian border.

The sign "Kilometer 1734".

There are al lot of fishermans on the banks. This is down river a normal picture


In Atilla`s marina we stay for some days.

In this cathedreal was founded the hungarian state

The Castle of Eztergom

The main place of Eztergom

We explore Budapest by bus.


cable railway



The German Telekom ist also in hungaria

The next day it goes on

The castle Vinegrad

There is much construction.

We can already see great ships on the Danube

The parliament of Budapest

The next night we spent in this Marina

Even a few wind power plants will be built.

This marina is not found in any flux guidance.

This vessel was reported in our flux guidance as overnight accommodation but we was displaced harshly.

Paks. Here we have the most expensive accommodation on our trip. 27 Euro.

Idylle on the river near Paks

Everyday life. On both sides forest a vessel from time to time.

Located in the cooling water channel einens nuclear power plant sits a fisherman

The 1500 km mark is cracked
A beautiful berth with a beautiful city. Baja
I regularly told my daughter of the experiences on the trip.
The pedestrian zone
A stork fishing in peace directly with the boat
In this old house is the City Museum
It goes back further
Through a channel we drive back towards the Danube
Boat workshop
Back on the Danube, still about 50 km to the border.
Prior to the Croatian border I bring out my language skills in memory. 
Of the two Britons were laughed about it, but then was quite useful.
The bridges will be less and we see more ferrys
Public Art
It is really hot.
The border of Hungary to Croatia. First it goes to the border police, 
then to the Harbour Master and customs. Thus, the formalities takes about one half to one hour.

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