Slowakian Danube




The austrian border control was thestrongest on our whole trip and also harshly. It was not easy to arrive the border ponton against the strong stream.

The castle Devin is positioned at the confluence of March und Danube on the fringes of Carpathian Mountains.

Today the castle is an open-air museum. The sowakian border control must be here but we have not seen it, because in our book was written that we have to clear inward in Bratislava.

On this part we had the greatest stream on the complete danube

Bratislava is connected with Vienna by Speed Ferry.


The Gateway to the Marina from Milan. It is a restaurant on a ponton and cuple of moorages. Today it is a private marina without guest moorages. But vis--vis is Dodo`s Marina with the same service.

View from the castle of Bratislava.

The "Ufo" on top of the bridge pier is a rotating restaurant.

The marina from Milan. To the right of this view is Dodos Marina. He also takes fuel from petrol station by car.

In the Channel Gabcikovo. In some parts it is like a long lake. The shipping channel is signed with this litte islands.

The Speedferry Bratislava-Budapest.

The Channel bridge a part of river where shipping ist not possible. You can see only the steeples of the Villages

The lock Gabcikova at the end of the channel.

It is very busy on the riverbanks.

The water gauge is very important because our draft is 1,65 m.

The villages are far from the river and so we see only wooded banks.

Normaly this buoy ist in the other side of the river.

The harbour of Komarom on the hungarian border. We are searching for a good place for the night.

Km 1767,10 At the end of the harbour we found new marina which is not noticed in our books. I was surprised seeing a big Vessel for the sea on this place.

Water 3m, You can get fuel. Telefon Miro`s Marina: 00421-91532437

Next morning we go to Hungary.

The hungarian boarder was the first one where we needed our crewlist for the stamps.

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